Meet the board: Lisan

In the third edition of Meet the board we talk to Lisan, our match secretary and vice chairman. The past few weeks, she (together with the board and TC) has been very busy arranging the resumption of our football practices! Luckily, we were able to interview her right before, when she had still plenty of time to answer all our questions.

Full name: Lisan Graumans
Board position: Match secretary & Vice chairman
Team: VR2
Study: Business & IT

How are you and what are you up to these days?

Since my main tasks within the board are suspended and I don’t have any studies this semester, I am not doing much at the moment. My plan was to work a lot, but my job is also on hold due to the current situation. That is a pity, but I am really enjoying myself at home together with 11 housemates. For example, I tried to dye my hair purple with a temporary dye. Unfortunately, it failed because my hair is so thick. It did not even have a purple glow! 

What did you have for dinner today?

I cooked dinner: it was an oven dish with tortellini pasta, vegetables and pesto, with mozzarella and tomatoes on top. It was very much appreciated by my housemates, although I always get remarks about the absence of meat – I cook and eat vegetarian food as much as possible. 

What would be the first drink you order once you can go out for drinks again?

Probably the craft beer with the highest alcohol percentage and just see for how long I can go on. I barely drink alcohol these days, because I prefer to go for a beer when I feel like I ‘deserved’ it, such as after a football practice.  

What bothers you most about this Coronavirus-crisis, from Drienerlo board point of view? 

The cancellation of tournaments and other events. I was really looking forward to the GNSK (Dutch championships for students, red.) which would be held in Enschede this year. Especially since I never joined Drienerlo at the GNSK before. 

What is your favorite Drienerlo activity? 

The parties are my favourite. The best one so far was last year’s DD-cup party!

Which of Drienerlo’s committees that you are supervising do you like the most?

The Technical Committee (TC), which is also my only active committee at the moment. I also really liked the lustrum committee, of which I was already part before becoming a board member. When I signed up for the lustrum committee - rather spontaneously, after two beers - I had not been very active within Drienerlo yet. In contrast, most other committee members had previously been in the Drienerlo board.  

This creates a perfect transition to the question we prepared to test Lisan’s Drienerlo knowledge: Who were in the previous lustrum board (2014-2015)? 

(after counting back the previous boards) Lisa, Maillis, Inez, Patrick, and… two other guys. (Max and Gabi, red. A pretty good score – and she could not have cheated, because (fun fact) there is no ‘previous boards’ page on the website). 

Can you summarize your main tasks in the board? 

As the match secretary, I make field reservations and arrange trainers and referees, in close collaboration with the Technical Committee. In my position as vice-chairman, I am responsible for the bartending shifts and the van. 

Why would you recommend others to do a board year?

You learn such a lot from it!  

Let’s see if you can learn even more about yourself from your fellow board members! In advance, you answered some questions about each other. To start of with some strong aspects which they assigned to you: They think you get a lot of work done and are managing your double position in the board very well. Also, it was mentioned that you appreciate the small things in life. 

Aw, how sweet! That is a beautiful compliment which I’m really happy with. I guess it is true... When I can be outside enjoying the sun with a book and a cup of tea, that is all I need, really. Well, there is one more thing I would like: not having to pee all the time when I drink so much tea. That is my ultimate wish. 

Indeed, laziness was mentioned as one of your weakest aspects. 

That does not surprise me. Even during my high school graduation ceremony, the teacher who gave my personal speech referred to me as ‘rather lazy than tired’. But at the same time I am also appreciated for getting a lot of work done, so that is actually quite neat, right?  

One of the board members wrote down that you talk too much sometimes. Is that true?

(laughs) Yes, I can confirm that. I am not very good at getting to my point, so I often tell long, incoherent stories, for example when I have to give an update of my tasks during our board meeting. In general, the others don’t cut me short, they just wait until I get tired and stop talking.

According to the board, you are the one that is most embarrassing when drunk. Would you agree? 

I can relate to that. I do a lot of embarrassing stuff in general because I’m not easily embarrassed. I hardly ever regret my actions in hindsight. It’s just that I cannot handle alcohol very well but still drink quite fast and quite much, because I feel responsible for the good atmosphere – hmm, this is in fact a painfully spot-on insight.  

To get an impression from someone else than the board: how would your mom or dad describe you?

A famous quote from my dad is that I am easy. He meant easy-going, but it came out differently (laughs). My mom thinks I am very good at handling money, which I think is nonsense. However, she probably only compares me to my sister and in that sense, she is right.  

What is the last thing you spend over 50 euros on (excluding fixed expenses such as rent)?  

Animal crossing, a game for the Switch, but personally I think it is very mediocre. I dislike the fact that you cannot complete the game. 

Which book are you currently reading?

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, a novel from the early 19th century. I bought it three years ago but never found the time to read it until now, because it is not an easy to read novel. At first, I found the old-fashioned language a bit tough, but I’ve become used to it now. Yet, one character has an incomprehensible dialect, but fortunately his part in the book is small. 

The (by now traditionally) final question: is there a good recommendation or life hack you would like to share with all Drienerlo members?

Yes! It is very specific, but really improved my life the past few weeks: on Spotify, you can now make folders to group your playlists. Now I don’t have to scroll through all 60 playlists anymore! 

Thanks! You are the first sharing a life hack which does not concern tosti’s.

I’m not a big fan of tosti’s, especially since I am a vegetarian so then it’s just with cheese (Lisan obviously did not read the interview with Dion). But I do love toasted sugar waffles, preferably with peanut butter and strawberries! 

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