Match report LSV 1 - Drienerlo 1 (4-0, Tukker Cup)

Match report LSV 1 - Drienerlo 1 for the Tukker Cup, written by Jeroen van den Heuvel.

Match report LSV – Drienerlo V1, 4-0, Tuesday 23-10-18

Last Tuesday it was time for V1 of V.V. Drienerlo to play our first match in de Tukker Cup. Our opponents were from LSV, a team that plays one league higher than we do, so we had a difficult match coming up. 
Since LSV is only 15 minutes by bike, most of the team decided to gather in the city centre to cycle there together. Of course this was an ambitious idea, because there are always people who show up late, and yes this happened to us this time as well. Dennis got a flat tire and because of that was not there in time. Of course this meant all of us arrived too late at LSV, but Mitchel, our stand-in trainer for the day, was so kind not to let us all take a buckshot as a punishment.(probably because he we was late too)

Finally having arrived at LSV, Drienerlo found out their keeper Harry was still missing. Of course this was calling for a buckshot, but it turned out Harry was not feeling well and was not sure if he could play. Then came the warming up, Harry asked me to help him warm up so we could see if he was able to play. After a while Harry showed that he was not able to play this match and our trainer Mitchell, in his first and probably last ever match coaching Drienerlo V1( I mean we lost 4-0), was faced with a difficult problem. Who was going to defend the goal of V1?

After some thinking and suggestions from the team our trainer came with the(questionable) idea of putting Dirk in goal. After I tried to warm up Dirk for the game it was clear that defending the goal was not one of his best qualities. Everyone had witnessed the (lack of) skills form Dirk in goal and Mitchell, with all of his 45 minutes of coaching experience, handled the situation like a pro: Boot was called to play in goal, and Boot kindly accepted our invitation.

Finally the match began, with Dirk in goal, since Boot had not arrived yet. After about 5 minutes of play Drienerlo unnecessarily lost the ball on the midfield. This resulted in a counter attack and 10 seconds later LSV scored: 1-0. 
Not much later it was time for the second goal of the game, as a good cross from the right side of the field by LSV resulted in another goal: 2-0. 
Drienerlo was not playing well at all and luckily Boot showed up just as the second goal had gone in. Boot took Dirk’s place in goal and Dirk went to play at his usual position as a central defender. This new line-up started playing some better football, however this was not enough to stop LSV. 
Some time later during the first half LSV got the ball on the left side of the field, one of their players made a play and tried to cross the ball in front of the goal. The cross however was a total failure, but a weird curve somehow made the ball roll in at the second post, Boot somehow not being able to stop the ball: 3-0
Just before half time, LSV scored another goal: 4-0, and trainer Mitchell had to come up with a new plan to try and somehow rescue this match. Not only was Drienerlo 4-0 down, but they also barely had any real opportunities in the first half.

Mitchell decided to substitute 3 players during the break. I also tried to warm up Boot during the break, making him the third keeper I had warmed up this day, which I am sure is a record. 
But more importantly after the break Drienerlo started playing a lot better. This was partly because LSV gave some more space but also because Drienerlo itself started playing nice football. This resulted in a very solid second half, with chances for both teams. The biggest chance being for Douwe, who tried to volley the ball in the goal but his effort went wide of the goal. However, no goals were scored in the second half, result: 4-0. A bad result for Drienerlo V1.

The highlight of the evening was after the match, when everyone went to the canteen to watch the end of Ajax-Benfica. Ajax scored in the last minute and this made the evening a bit less painful for Drienerlo. Now Drienerlo has to focus on the next match, next Saturday away against AJC 96, who are currently the number one of our competition.


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