Match report Drienerlo 1 - Rijssen Vooruit 1 (2-2)

Match report of the game Drienerlo 1 - Rijssen Voorruit 1. Written by Jelle Harbers.

Drienerlo – Rijssen Vooruit

Last Saturday, the boys in green and white faced another team from Rijssen. Just as the last time (two weeks ago vs. RKSV) a deserved victory was given away in the last minutes: 2-2.

At the beginning of the season, a large part of the Drienerlo selection had a Norwegian nationality. While other teams in our division, don’t suffer from the international break, all the Norwegian guys went to Norway so we had to win without them. Before the match, both teams had 4 points out of their first 3 games, so it was hard to predict the outcome of the game. The only thing we knew was that we had to win if we still would have wanted a shot at the first period. Last week, Rijssen Vooruit beat the (then) leader of the table Glanerbrug with 5-1, so we knew it was going to be a tough game, especially in the tropical weather that belongs to the Netherlands anno 2018.

This game was also the return of Douwe as a striker. Therefore, the job of the rest of the team was to bring a lot of balls into the 5 – meters, because it seems to be an impossible task for Douwe to score from out of the 5-meter box. After a few small opportunities of Drienerlo (without creating 100% changes), the students got a free kick from close to the goal line. Jopie put it into the five meters and after a scrimmage, Douwe lived up to his reputations. Sharp as always in the five meter, the ball got in front our number 9 and he kicked it in the net. Drienerlo pushed on, and after a cross from Stone to Mitchel, a defender of Rijssen pushed back. In the literal sense of the word though. The referee pointed to the 11 meter-spot immediately. A justified call IMO. However, the linesman of Rijssen tried to save his team and as a last resource, he flagged for offside. Quite laughable, however the referee went with the call of the linesman and decided to cancel the penalty. Not much later, Drienerlo got the deserved 2-0 from a corner kick. Jan put the ball perfectly on the head of Snitchel, who headed the ball in the top corner. There was nothing that the linesman nor the players of Rijssen could do to keep the ball out of the goal.

The second was really chaotic. Instead of pushing through and trying to make the more goals, the students leaned back and let the visitors come. Although they didn’t create real chances, there was a bit pressure through long balls. The atmosphere was aggressive and Drienerlo forgot to play its own game. Therefore, the 2-1 was not a really big surprise.  In a scrimmage, an attacker of Rijssen got smashed the ball with his hand in the goal. Unfortunately, this was not seen by the referee. In the remaining part of the game, Drienerlo got some huge opportunities. When the linesman didn’t save the visitors, they got saved by the players of Drienerlo self by missing the chances. As often in football, the old saying ‘if you don’t score, the opponent will’ became true. So, in the last minutes Drienerlo lost 2 important points.

While the goal at the beginning of this season was promotion, the students only won 5 points out of 4 games. Not the score of a contender for the league title. The next league game will be in two weeks, so there is some time for improvement. Improvement will be necessary since then AJC, the leader of the table without losing single point, will be the opponent.

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