Match report Zuid-Eschmarke 2 - Drienerlo 4 (8-2 / 11-2?)

Match report of the match Zuid-Eschmarke 2 - Drienerlo 4, played Saturday 13 October.  Written by Magnus Gurian.

In their third league match this season the fourth team of vv Drienerlo faced Zuid Eschmarke 2 in an away game. The signs were good this day for the team of Enschede’s students – the weather was perfect, nearly every player was fit, motivated and not a single one woke up with a hangover. But about 45 minutes before kick off the as thought perfect situation began to crumble. Half of the team went to the wrong pitch! After a short phone call the correct address of our opponent was found out and about 30 minutes before kick off the football association changed unified from daily clothes to the green white jerseys. After a short warm up and a motivational speech from today’s team manager Thijs the elftal started into the game. With a tactical line up in form of a mix out of a classic 4-3-3 and a confusing 4-4-2 Drienerlo had some trouble to find the right balance between their aggressive pressing and their calm build up from defense. Kind of irritated from the own system Ties played 30 minutes into the game a long ball from of his position as a central defender. This ball – seemed to be a ball kicked blind towards the opponents half – turned out to be a perfect through ball for left wing Paul! Like Arjen Robben in 2010 he was through on goal. But other than the left food with the bald head, the right food with the golden hair had a perfect first touch and with his second touch he chipped the ball over the out of his goal rushing keeper! What a goal. Drienerlos only chance in the first half turned into a goal. With the second half to start Drienerlo played a clear 4-4-2. They found some spaces between the defensive lines of their demoralized opponent in person of right winger Theo. The Greek played around his opponents like they were unbaked Bifteki and after an hour was played he only could have got stopped by a foul inside the box. The opponent, a fair sports man, apologized with the words “stand up diver” (it was a clear foul) and it was team manager Thijs task to choose a penalty taker. Against every unwritten law of football suddenly Drienerlo’s striker Tom picked up the ball – the English striker! But like the god of football and Gary Lineker were not looking, Tom hit the ball nicely and scored the second goal this day for the green whites.

In between of all this the opponent scored 8.

So after this dreadful 8-2 loss for the fourth team the mood in the changing room was not perfect. But after manager Thijs had some warm words for each of the players, the university’s team true strengths came to light. After the speech had ended, captain Daan showed the fasted reactions. With a nice long pass over the right side the show began and he grabbed the beer with his left and opened it with a no look right hand volley and started drinking. Impressive. Right back Arjen got motivated and with a beautiful back heel one-two ending in a Rabona he had the second beer this afternoon. And so continued Drienerlo with beautiful combinations until every one of today’s team had at least scored one beer.

In the end the players went home with their heads up that the following match will be performed better. Two intensive trainings are scheduled for the upcoming week to find a system and get the players used to each other. A lot on the pitch can be improved. Off the pitch it was an already good but not perfect performance. The crate was not completely empty.

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