Wedstrijdverslag Quick'20 4 - Drienerlo 3

Wedstrijdverslag van Drienerlo 3, afgelopen zaterdag 29 september gespeeld. Geschreven door Dion Siekmans.

Match report

The second league game of Drienerlo 3 took place on Saturday 29-09-2018 in Oldenzaal, against Quick ’20 4. Everyone was excited and determined to win this match, especially the ones who played last week. This was because of the fact we lost the first league match with 1-8, we didn’t play very good, so we were obligated to redeem the honor of Drienerlo 3.

We arrived with 17 player in Oldenzaal, so we didn’t had to worry about the amount of substitutes. Unfortunately, no one of the 17 players was a goalkeeper, but our hero Stefan offered himself to be our goalkeeper for this match. The match started at 16:30, but right before our match started there was a different match playing on our pitch. This caused that we didn’t really had much time for a warming-up.

We started the match okay, not very bad but also not really good. Quick ‘20 started better than we did, they had more ball possession and created more chances to score than us. However, even though Quick ’20 was better in the beginning, they didn’t manage to score. After 10/15 minutes we started to play better and the rest of the first half both teams played at equal level. Despite the exciting first half with some great attacks from both teams, no one was able to score, so at half time the score was still 0-0.

The second half we started really bad, which resulted in 2 fast goals in 5 minutes from Quick ’20. After our punishment we started to play a bit better again, but still we didn’t play very well. This caused in another goal from Quick ’20, which made the gap even bigger. We started to wake up when we realized they scored the 3-0 and played even better and better, we started to play more like a team and created quite some chances. And then, Jop had the ball and made a great pass to Douwe. Douwe, who was in the 16m box, shot on goal and scored an excellent  goal. In light of the fact that we played better and created more chances, Quick ’20 started to make use of that and created some dangerous counter-attacks. Unfortunately, they managed to score a last goal 5 minutes before the end of the match and they determined the final score, 4-1. 

Although we lost this match, there was a lot of improvement with regards to last match, especially in the communication. We still play with people we don’t know very well so there is still a lack in communication and teamplay, it just takes time to get to know each other better. Then we are able to play better as a team, with more communication and it becomes easier to win matches . The next match is against Sportlust Glanerbrug 2, home at 14:30. Hopefully Drienerlo 3 can win their first league match next Saturday, so make sure you’ll be there to support them.


Dion Siekmans




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