Match report sc Enschede 1 - Drienerlo 1 (2-4)

Match report written by Jan van Dongen a.k.a. Aubamejan.

Saturday 22 September was the date which was in the mind of all the players for the last months. Today was the first league match of the season, away against SC Enschede. Earlier in the week we made agreements on our goal for the season, promotion. To have a good chance to reach this goal, we needed a good start of the season against SC Enschede. We did not know what to expect from SC Enschede as their whole team was new, with mostly players coming from their youth team.

The preparation for the season was okay. Even when we did not win any cup games, there were sparks of good football and potential for the team to grow. As the season starts, it is important to reward ourselves and actually start scoring and winning games as well. The final preparation was together with the selection meeting, Thursday in the VB and ‘het Gat’ with the team was also very necessary to start the season fresh (right, Jeroen?) and focused.

As SC Enschede is not that far away, we gathered at sc Enschede. As my bike decided to have a flat tire, I was already exhausted before even arriving at the club. For the first match, everyone was ‘on time’ and we were ready to go.

We played on a flattened artificial grass after we had a warming up on a ‘basement-division’ field, where the Guardiola passing form was almost executed to perfection. Because of our amazing warming up, we started very focused. As a result, we came in front of the goal rather quickly. A loose ball in the corner was caught by myself after body checking their captain. The ball was passed to Lucas who assisted Jopie on the edge of the box, who finished nicely in the bottom left corner, 0-1.
After our good start and a good save from Luke’s penalty, we lost our grip on the game. We started being restless and impatient and their best player with number 11 somehow got past everyone in the 16 (a classical Suárez goal), 1-1. The game was going from side to side, with SC Enschede playing the better football at this point. The 2-1 followed quickly, by once again number 11. After the 2-1, Drienerlo was awake again. Later in the first half Drienerlo came back to 2-2 after the ball somehow (with Kris’ assist) appeared in front of Mitchel’s feet after a corner who finished perfectly, as he does always. Before we went inside to drink a sweet lemonade, we needed to take the lead. After a much intentional perfect pass from Mitchel from behind, Luke kept his body between the ball and his direct opponent and was through on goal. Luke never lost his confidence as he finished nicely, 2-3.

The second half was still not perfect, but we played as a team and we were sharp. There were no real big chances in the second half before Jopie was tackled after some nice movement in the penalty box of SC Enschede. Because Luke was substituted for Björnar, Mitchel had the honour to step up for his second goal of the game. The goalkeeper was trying his best to get in Mitchel’s head by staying near the penalty spot. But Mitchel waited for the goalie to get on his line. The opponents were getting annoyed because nothing worked out for them and Mitchel’s stubbornness did not help either. Mitchel kept his head cool, 2-4. In the end we did not have big problems in the back and we finished the game with a good result.

The 2-4 result meant a good start of the season. Next week awaits RKSV 1 in our first home match of the season! Support us Saturday at 14:30 and you will be in for a treat.  

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