Match report Voorwaarts V 1 - Drienerlo 1 (1-0)

Last Saturday, the first team played against Voorwaarts V.. Check here the match report written by the captain himself Mitchel Haring.

On Saturday September 15 Drienerlo played their 3rd cup match of the season against Voorwaarts. Voorwaarts was estimated to be the best opponent of the group, because they degraded last year out of the second league. The start of Drienerlo wasn’t good, because Jorn wasn’t at the sportcentre when the van wanted to leave. A quick phone call made clear that he was still in bed (could happen to anybody) and had to be picked up first. After a sleepy Jorn was picked up, the van went to Voorwaarts while the passengers enjoyed the hits of DJ Mi-Mi-Mi-Mitchel.

Once arrived Drienerlo had only half an our left to change and for a small warming up. This was clear in the beginning of the game, Drienerlo started quite weak. Most of the duels were lost and this resulted in an early goal for Voorwaarts (1-0). After a while Drienerlo waked up and started to play football themselves. Drienerlo became more offensive and created some opportunities. To set the tone Cino decided to make a horrible charge on the legs of his direct opponent, which resulted in ‘only’ a yellow card. Another surprise for friend and foe was the throw in of Jens. We know that Lucas and Rob can throw far, but I don’t think they will reach the second post (sorry I have to take this away from you Rob), but back to the game. One of the biggest opportunities was for Joran who made a shot from around 30 meter which hit the bar. When the ball came back into the field Steen aka Robbert van Middelaar tried a header like Robin van Persie, but also missed. Fun side note, the name Steen (Stone in English) comes from the fact that Stone always loses with rock-paper-scissor, because he always does the rock. Feel free to challenge him to a game of rock-paper-scissor. 

The second half Drienerlo started quite okay, but not as good as the end of the first half. They still won a lot of the duels, but were a bit restless when they had the ball. This resulted in few opportunities for both sides. There was some danger when boot aka Vincent Delke, the keeper of Drienerlo, tried a kick out which ended at Voorwaarts, but they didn’t do much with this opportunity. Fun side note number 2, the name boot (ship in English) comes from the fact that he turns like a ship.

Robert (trainert) decided that Drienerlo needed more weight in the offense, so he brought Douwe. Douwe, however, was not awake yet and the first three times he had the ball he stumbled over it without any opponent around (rumours say that is was a 2.1 on the Richter scale). In the end Drienerlo tried to score a goal, but became tired and didn’t succeed in the task. The result a 1-0 loss against Voorwaarts, but quite a good game. This game gives confidence for the start of the competition next week where Sportclub Enschede awaits.

If people wonder if Jorn didn’t have to do anything to make up for his sleeping incident. He had to apologize for the whole group and do a buckshot, so everything is forgiven. The Norwegian couple joined him, because they were also too late. Last note from the writer. I am really bad at remembering opportunities and events of the game while playing it, so when you miss something in this amazing report feel free to comment.

Regards Mitchel Haring.

2018-09-16 20:09:56
2018-09-16 20:09:56
Robbert van Middelaar
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  • Rob Rikken op 17 sep, 2018 15:52
    Mitchel, we gaan donderdag een wedstrijd houden! Ik zet er een krat pils op!