StAf 2022

Seizoen 2021-2022

Toernooi (Van:25-04-22Tot:08-06-22)

The StAf tournament, short for Studie Afdeling Tournament is a football tournament in which different associations of the UT and Saxion compete to show their association is better than the rest. It consists of a men’s 11x11 tournament going for almost 2 months in which a group stage is followed by a knockout phase to determine the victor. Next to the men’s, there is also a ladies' tournament which is played over two days with one day being the group stage and ending in a knockout stage.

The 2022 StAf tournament is organised by Mark van Donkersgoed, Niels van Boxel, Tom Edelijn, Nienke Dik en Emilie van Eps. For any questions or remarks send an email to

For the complete schedule, results and the standings go to this link.

Check our Instagram page for the actual news of the tournament..