Participants edition 2023

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1 The Netherlands

Participants edition 2022

1. KWW'77
2. Drienerlo Legends
3. Eredivisie-ervaring
4. Sheffield Zondag
5. International du coq ou ballon
6. AMU Poznan
7. Solid as a Rock
8. Drienerlo Zaal 1
9. Drienerlo Zaal 2
10. Drienerlo Zaal 3

Participants edition 2021

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1 The Netherlands Team Kramp

Random group of proper futsal players. Likely to focus mostly on pannas.

2 The Netherlands Solid as a Rock

Solid as a Rock consists of former and current Drienerlo members who were a part of Drienerlo's flagship field team (Veld 1) between roughly 2014 and 2019. Getting wins both on and off the field, the third half is always ours.

3 The Netherlands Eredivisie-ervaring

We will be sitting on our mustang behind a barrel in our hide out with a volcanic drinking a beer, waiting to ambush the pony express. See you at the TISC tournament!

4 The Netherlands Drienerlo Legends

The Drienerlo Legends. The first team of the futsal club at the University of Twente from approximately 2010 - 2017. The generation which introduced the well-known and fancy Drienerlo-tie and white blouse outfits on matchday. They were also the first using the Drienerlo-Van, driving around the country for their matches. Legends can be recognized by their fluorescent pink kits and their happy dance with each goal they make. This dance is inspired by a Russian meme about a guy in club being really happy to hear there is a new TISC tournament this year. Follow their actions on Instagram: @drienerlolegends

5 The Netherlands Drienerlo Zaal: 'Shinende Bazen'

A delegation of Drienerlo's current futsal players.

6 The Netherlands Drienerlo Zaal: 'Vedettes'

A delegation of Drienerlo's current futsal players.

7 The Netherlands Drienerlo Zaal: 'Sala Tres'

A delegation of Drienerlo's current futsal players.

8 The Netherlands Sunday League

A delegation of Drienerlo's sunday field team.

9 The Netherlands ´Vo 4

Drienerlo Veld 4 competes in TISC for the first time.

10 The Netherlands Señoritas

The Drienerlo ladies team fights for glory and equal rights in their first partaking of TISC.

Participants edition 2019

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1 Russia Baltic Sea Akademy
2 Russia Kaliningrad State Technical University
3 Russia Financial University

Champions TISC 2017,2018

4 Poland Adam Mickiewicz University
5 The Netherlands S.V. Voorwaarts
6 The Netherlands KWW'78

Zaterdagochtend zo laat mogelijk beginnen aangezien we vanuit het hele land moeten komen.

7 The Netherlands Eredivisie-ervaring
8 The Netherlands Shinende Bazen
9 The Netherlands Drienerlo Vedettes
10 The Netherlands Drienerlo Legends
11 The Netherlands Solid as a Rock
12 The Netherlands G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje
13 The Netherlands Etyfoor
Former and honorary participants
1 Netherlands Nádraží

De "Internationale Voetbalvereniging Nádraží" bestaat uit (ex) studenten van de Universiteit Twente en (oud) leden van de Voetbalvereniging Drienerlo (Enschede; Nederland). Onze leden hebben de combinatie van de volgende interesses gemeen:

  • - voetballen
  • - reizen
  • - bier drinken

De laatste 2 facetten zijn terug te vinden in de naam "Nádraží": Nádraží is Tsjechisch voor treinstation (wij vervoeren ons bij voorkeur per trein). Bij het heffen van het glas roept men in Tsjechië "Na Zdraví!", het geen te verbasteren is tot, jawel, Nádraží!

2 The Netherlands Morado All Stars

For many years now a small delegation of futsal lovers from Nijmegen comes together for some indoor fun. Even though we are getting older, we still wear the Purple colour with proud. We love to play for the crowd, if they cheer: we win!

Liefde uit Nijmegen!

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