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All teams have two options for their overnight stay at the University Campus where the tournament will be held: In a cabin on the Campus or in a hotel nearby. Below you'll find more information about the accommodation facilities the University offers.

Cabin on Campus

Several wooden cabins are available for rent on campus, just a 100 meters from the tournament location. Each cabin accommodates 15 people, having five 1 single beds, and 5 bunkbeds. Closets are present, as well as toilets and showers in a nearby building (± 25 meters). Pictures of the interior and exterior are above. You will need to bring your own pillowcase, sleeping bags / duvet, mattress cover, and towel. Costs for a cabin are €179.95 per night.
If you would like to arrange this, please contact us through tisc@vvdrienerlo.nl.

Hotel nearby

There are plenty of hotels close to the campus, look for a hotel in or nearby Enschede. The hotel has to be arranged by the team itself.

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