Schouten, C.P.

Ping Pong Football

The Saturday we had to play against Marienberg it felt like the coldest day of the year. Unusual for us we had to play at 10:45 am in Marienberg, meaning most of Enschede was still asleep when we met. The temperature was -1 when we managed to leave Enschede in the morning, some girls a bit hungover, some just really sleepy…

Even though Marienberg was last in the division, Henk prepared us to not underestimate the opponent. And indeed when the match started, they did not give us an easy time. More precisely we did not make it easy for ourselves. Marienberg kicked everything except of the ball and on the pitch it looked rather like a Ping-Pong-Match than a football match. Unfortunately, in the first half we did not manage to play our ‘usual game’ and passing the ball around, but we rather adopted to their level and joined them by playing Ping-Pong. Consequently, in the first half neither any of the teams were able to create good chances, it was dominated by a lot of (sometimes ugly) fouls and Henk was about to become a stroke because it was painful to watch…

We made some changes for the second half and finally were able to play some better football. After about 10 minutes in the second half Maria redeemed us by scoring a rebound from the goalkeeper. We created some more chances and Marienberg hardly managed to come into our half of the pitch anymore. The second goal was a nice shot from about 16 meters in the left upper corner from Josey with her weaker right foot. Shortly after Kwan managed to score with a shot from the right side, though it was not really visible if it was intended to be a crossing towards Marjo or a goal shot. Anyways, by now we were leading 0:3 and Marienberg was not able to offer any opposition to our game. In the final phase of the match Anke rewarded herself with her first goal of the season. Shortly afterwards the referee finished the match, which Drienerlo won deservedly with 0:4 and thereby brought home 3 more points!


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