Wolbers, P.L.

Picking up points here and there

It was a cold day in Enschede where we had to play against Heino. At the beginning of the first half, the opponent had the control of the ball and we were very disorganised in the defending. In the first minutes a bad pass when we were trying to attack, costed us the first goal. Then, we had to defend behind the middle of the pitch in order to organise the team and just let them make mistakes that allow us to create many contra attacks.

In the first half we had few clear goal opportunities and we wasted them being imprecise in the last pass or last kick to the goal. In the last minutes of the first half we had a free kick in a strategical position that gave us the opportunity to score thanks to Maria’s head.

For the second half, we had a better understanding of their game so we didn’t pressure to much in their zone and we wait behind moving and waiting them very organised, so it was difficult for them to  create goal opportunities. In this half we were playing very good and we created different opportunities of goal playing on the sides of the field and creating effective passes, but still we didn’t conclude them. After good team work an important opportunity came that led us to score again. After the goal we had the control of the match, until the last two minutes where a mistake from our goalkeeper give them a goal.

The final score was 2-2, which means another point to v.v Drienerlo.


Written by Maria Diaz. 


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